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Give Us Back Our Time!

Give us back our time! Elementary school children need more time to learn as scientists, social scientists and artists…..I call upon literacy educators to advocate to give us back our time. I urge parents to demand that school leaders and policy makers give us back our time. Published on the Huffington Post, October 10, 2012 […]

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Next Generation Science Standards: Generating a Wave or a Ripple?

“Taken together, the framework and science standards have the potential to generate a wave of improvement, but only if we prevent their promise from crashing on the rocky shores of high-stakes, all-purpose testing………..Decisions about high-stakes assessment of science and engineering will determine whether the new standards generate a wave of improvement or just another ripple […]

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New Standards in Science: Is This Train Bound for Glory or the Same Old Story?

This article accompanied the release of the first draft of the Next Generation Science Standards and was published in Education Week on May 23, 2012   May 23, 2012 Physics teaches us that speed, acceleration, direction of movement, and time are all relative to a reference point. This principle, related to objects and motion, is […]

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Looking Back, Moving Forward

Here are my reflection the National Science Foundation funded Local Systemic Change project, Critical Mathematics and Science Synergy (Critical MASS). Critical MASS was a a collaborative between the Hudson and Fitchburg Public Schools.  I wrote this piece for Horizon Research.  LookingBacktotheFuture

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Dimensions of Inquiry

Here I discuss the multidimensional nature of science inquiry.¬† Published in the FOSS newsletter, January 7, 2002. Read the article HERE.  

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