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Key questions begging for answers about school reform

Opponents of currently dominant education policies have a problem that proponents do not.  Proponents, supported by unlimited funds from several well-connected billionaires, have been able to influence local, state and national decision-makers with little open public debate even while many Americans oppose the current set of market-based ideas that are driving dramatic changes in education…. […]

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Which Road Will We Choose?

Several years ago, in an article for Kappan Magazine, Two Roads Diverge for American Education, I wrote, “We are at a fork in the road in American education. At this moment, we have to choose which road to travel — and that choice will make all the difference.” My view of the two roads remains constant: […]

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How school reform preserves the ‘status quo’ — and what real change would look like

If you follow the education policy debate at all, you know that critics are often called “defenders of the status quo” by people pushing market-based school reforms. Here is a piece about why it is actually the reforms that are preserving the status quo — and what real reform would actually look like. How school […]

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Where’s the Collective Action in Obama’s Education Policy

President Obama’s second term now officially begins, and in his inaugural address he spoke about the need for “collective action” to solve America’s problems. Here’s an argument that his own education policies have violated that principle, with suggestions on what he can do to remedy that. Published on the Washington Post’s education blog, The Answer […]

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A Call for President Obama to Change Course on Education

Here is a call to President Obama and other school reformers to reevaluate the reform initiatives they have undertaken in recent years, framed against the documentary “The Fog of War,” in which former Defense Secretary Robert McNamara came to realize how he had ignored evidence in his prosecution of the Vietnam War. This article appeared […]

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A Better Turn Around Strategy

I worked with Sheldon Berman, Superintendent of the Eugene Public Schools for fourteen years, first in Hudson, Massachusetts and then in Lousiville, Kentucky.  Here, we argue for an alternative to the four official US Department of Education “turn-around” strategies.  It was published in Education Week on October 31, 2011.   October 31, 2011 As Americans, […]

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