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The Standard Debate: The Past Gets in Our Eyes

The Common Core State Standards for Reading and Mathematics appear to be simultaneously unstoppable trains and under siege, making strange bedfellows of both supporters and opponents.  Two issues cloud the debate about their validity, value and efficacy: (1) The idea of standards has been conflated with standardization; (2) Standards have become inextricably linked to high-stakes […]

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Next Generation Science Standards: Generating a Wave or a Ripple?

“Taken together, the framework and science standards have the potential to generate a wave of improvement, but only if we prevent their promise from crashing on the rocky shores of high-stakes, all-purpose testing………..Decisions about high-stakes assessment of science and engineering will determine whether the new standards generate a wave of improvement or just another ripple […]

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Two Roads Diverge for American Education

Two Roads Diverge for American Education Published  in Kappan Magazine, February 1, 2011 The full article is available as pdf here:  http://cl9wc6lx6z.scholar.serialssolutions.com/?sid=google&auinit=AH&aulast=Camins&atitle=Two+roads+diverge+for+American+education&title=Phi+Delta+Kappan&volume=92&issue=5&date=2011&spage=44&issn=0031-7217 We are at a fork in the road in American education. At this moment, we have to choose which road to travel — and that choice will make all the difference….. The rush […]

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What if?

What if we could more precisely identify where each student was along the pathway to learning? What if we could be more accurate at sorting out the nuances in his or her gaps in understanding? What if we focused most of our assessment attention on becoming better at interpreting daily data from regular class work […]

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The Reflective Assessment Technique

The Article, Published in Science and Children, December 2009, discusses the power of formative assessment to drive students’ science learning.   December 2009 Methods_ReflectiveAssessmentTechnique Reprinted with permission.

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