What We Value: Democracy and the Common Good

Nothing will get better in America until we elect different people with different values and different commitments to local, state, and federal offices. Outrage may get some people who did not vote in recent elections to come out next time, but that strategy is insufficient. Reason and evidence are vital, but not enough.

People need something to vote for, not just against.

Stop repeating or quoting what Republicans say as if it was prima facie evidence of their stupidity, incompetence, and moral corruptness. If it were, they would not have been elected.

Of course, tell the truth. But that is not enough.

Instead, run on the values on which most Americans agree: Democracy and the Common Good.

Then call out what democratic decision-making for the common good looks like: the right to vote; freedom from fear of gun violence; affordable health care; decent food, clothing and shelter, good schools, a decent life in retirement, wages that enable people to pay their bills, a clean safe environment, mediating climate change, fair justice, family planning (include abortion) for EVERYONE.

FOR EVERYONE, no matter what, because that is how we act on our values.

These are uniting issues.

Say it out loud: A Doing good deed for ourselves and others as individuals are not enough.

Say it out loud: We can only achieve what we value for EVERYONE when we restore government an agent of the common good.

We can only achieve what we value for EVERYONE with a united integrated struggle.

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