The K-12 Education Speech We Need From Democrats

The K-12 Education Speech We Need From Democrats

With the Elementary, Secondary Education Act (ESEA) once again up for reconsideration in Congress, it is time for the Democratic presidential hopefuls to take a stand. Candidates Sanders, O’Malley and Clinton have decided that to differentiate themselves from their Republican rivals, they must make a direct, unmistakable appeal to the interests of working people. Speeches on economic policy, immigration, health care, criminal justice, marriage, abortion, affordable college education and universal preschool all reflect this new strategy. This approach is not a turn to the far left. It is a turn toward the majority. We need a similarly explicit turn in direction with respect to K-12 education policy.

Republicans are clear. The GOP wants to unleash the same unregulated market forces on education that brought us stagnating wages, accelerating inequality and increasing school segregation.

Here is the short stump speech I wish the Democratic candidates would give.

The K-12 Education Speech We Need from Democrats

Published on the Huffington Post, July 10, 2015.

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