Why Reports of Progress on No Child Left Behind Rewrite May Not Be a Good Sign

There are reports on Capitol Hill that some progress is being made on the rewrite of No Child Left Behind, at least

between the Republican and Democratic leaders of the Senate education committee. Sen. Lamar Alexander of

Tennessee, the Republican committee chairman, and Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington, recently issued

a statement saying:

“During the last several weeks we have been working together to build the base for legislation to fix

the problems with No Child Left Behind. We are making significant progress in our negotiations.

We are aiming to consider and mark up legislation to fix the law during the week of April 13th.”

Is this good news?

Read the article, published March 12, 2015 on the Washington Post education blog, The Answer Sheet:

Why reports of progress on No Child Left Behind rewrite may not be a good sign – The Washington Post

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