Next Steps for the Next Generation Science Standards

The National Research Council’s K-12 Framework for Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards are designed to drive dramatic rethinking and improvement of science education for all students in the United States. Now decisions at the district, state, and federal levels will determine whether the new standards will promote substantive improvement…..Five other state actions will enable the nation’s science teachers to embrace rather than ignore or rebel against the Next Generation Science Standards.

Published in Education Week, July 22, 2014

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  1. SK.GOLAM ALI February 20, 2015 at 3:00 am #

    The purpose of education, as conceived since generations of regimented thinking,is not exhaustive, though vast,varied and versatile.The exact and definitive purpose(s) is/are yet to be assessed, with empirical data, to arrive at a conclusion acceptable to the majority of thinkers/stakeholders.In my humble opinion,the social endeavor should be aimed at inculcating in the mindsets of the young and the impressionable both the moral and practical aspects of lives and living in the 21st century. The moral/ethical aspects must deal with non-interference in the Natural Rights of others and the practical ones with to live and let live. Only creation of intellectuals or skilled job-seekers would not suffice to free the society from rampant anarchy,an attendant byproduct of utter human selfishness and self-centricity.

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