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U.S. education policy: Federal overreach or reaching for the wrong things?

Great advances for economic and social justice, such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and civil rights laws are the result of federal legislation and Supreme Court decisions. All of these benchmarks of progress been initiated by local social and political action, but they have been achieved nationally….. The problem over the last several decades of […]

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Education Reform: Unsubstantiated Benefit Claims; Unreported Side Effects

We are in a marketing war for the soul of American education. We are at risk of a radical change in which protecting the rights of the few trumps ensuring the common good and in which democratic participation gives way to private governance. These battles are raging in the open, but the public is observing […]

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Escape From Poverty for a Few More Students Is Not a Worthy National Goal

The 1954 Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision provided a catalyst to advance but not fully achieve racial and economic justice. Sixty years later, Republicans and Democrats alike continue to talk about race, poverty and education. However, there is a chasm in current education policies between proclamations of intent and real effects. The […]

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What If We Approached Testing This Way?

Frequent high-stakes testing and its misuse for teacher evaluation are poisoning the assessment waters. Assessment should not be the goal of learning. The word “assessment” should not make students, teachers, administrators and parents cringe. It does not have to be this way. For students and their teachers the most effective use of assessment is to guide […]

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Education Reform and the Corrosion of Community Responsibility

Education Reform and the Corrosion of Community Responsibility: The ways in which we think and talk about education are changing — and not for the better. Published on the Washington Post’s education blog, The Answer Sheet, February 26, 2014 Read the full article on this website:  Education reform and the corrosion of community responsibility _ […]

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US Education, 2012: The Age of Wisdom and Foolishness

Test score “plunges” are in the news, dampening schools’ traditional first-day optimism just as they reopen after the summer break. Charles Dickens’ opening lines in a Tale of Two Cities seem an especially apt, if ahistorical, descriptor of the current state of education in the United States. The views expressed in this article are mine […]

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