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The Passover Principle

Year-after-year at my family’s secular Seder, we follow the Jewish custom of retelling the ancient story of the exodus from slavery in Egypt. Because we are not religious, our tale is that of the struggles of many different peoples’ for freedom from bondage and oppression at their own hands, rather than by deliverance by God. […]

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Don’t Be April Fooled: Public is Better

It’s April Fools Day, which reminds me: Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos want us to think that private schools are better, not just for rich folks like them, but for everyone else too– Just like with Paul Ryan and health care. Don’t be fooled. It is a ruse. Public is better! Growing up, I knew […]

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Isolation and Segregation Make Us Stupid. Integration and Belonging Make Us Smart

Mr. Casey, my high school English teacher, was fond of proclaiming,“From suffering alone comes wisdom.” There seems to be plenty of suffering around, but wisdom seems insufficiently distributed to protect our nation from the alarming triple threats to our democracy from escalating authoritarianism, inequality and divisiveness. I wonder: What is it that turns the banality of […]

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The Winning Democratic Alternative to Privatization in Education

                Democrats need to provide a winning alternative to privatization of America’s public schools. The outpouring of opposition to Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education provides an opening– if Democrats seize the opportunity. Suddenly, education is on the national stage where it should have been during the presidential […]

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Which Side Are You On?

There have always been two Americas. One is shameful and the other is admirable. Now, every citizen needs to decide: In which America do you want to live? For which will you take a stand? We have been the America that stole land from and exterminated Native Americans. We have been the America that limited […]

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The Evidence Is In. Evidence and Morality Are Out.

CONTRIBUTOR The Evidence Is In. Evidence and Morality Are Out. 01/25/2017 03:03 pm ET Arthur H. Camins Science Educator, Education Policy Writer. All opinions are his alone. The evidence is in. Evidence and morality are out. Citizens can bring them back. The new President of the United States does not just spin the truth in […]

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